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Red Cherry Laptop Rentals are your Easy, Efficient, Short term laptop/notebook rental supplier.

Do you require Laptop Rentals?

At Red Cherry Laptop Rentals we specialize in notebook and laptop hire. We have the most affordable, cost saving, customized Laptop Rental solutions for your company!

Red Cherry Laptop Rentals are Best in Service, Price and Reliability!

Red Cherry Laptop Rentals have a great choice of quality and variety of the latest laptops for rent. So you have the pleasure of being provided with the exact laptop rental specifications and requirements you need. We specialise in providing customized short term laptop rental solutions, setup of your laptop rental, technical assistance and onsite support.

Red Cherry Computer Rentals, Laptop Rental, Training Sessions, Conferences, Presentations, Exhibitions
Call Red Cherry Laptop Rentals, for Notebook and Laptop Rentals that are hassle free, affordable and reliable.

Do you need to Rent Laptops?
  • Rent a laptop for training, conferences, an event, exhibition presentations, meetings, tradeshows, product launches, film, AV or Company software roll out programs.
  • Rent Laptops that are pre installed/loaded and fully configured to your specifications for a training course, for your company’s network or any rental requirements.
  • Rent laptops for business meetings, conferences, training, travel, when you need laptops on the go, or for that unforeseen. Rent laptops for any occasion.
  • Rent laptops with 3G modems to have Internet access everywhere and stay in touch and connected.
  • Rent laptops when you have an increase in staff, to train your company in the latest software or for those peak period demands.
  • Rent a Laptop for temporary office space, or for temporary employees.
  • Laptops can be rented for new software testing or Microsoft Office training, software development and programming, or for any software or application design or testing you can think of.

Laptop Rental for events, conferences, training and more.....

The large stock and variety of Red Cherry laptops for rent, qualified operational managers, technical engineers and Tech Savvy sales team have enabled Red Cherry Computer Rentals to provide laptop hire for any and many major or large events. We can supply from 1 to 1000 laptops, giving you the ability to cater for any laptop rental occasion.

Rent Laptops
  • To display presentations, for playing video files, or Slides
  • For Microsoft office training, Company software training and testing
  • For Av Companies who need extra laptops for an event and break away rooms
  • For Software Development companies and IT support companies
  • For Call Centres, internet cafes, or computer labs
  • For your Event, exhibition or Conference Registration
  • To demonstrate your websites, product launches or exhibition stand
  • There are many uses and reasons to Rent a laptop, so call us now and let us assist you, laptop rentals are our speciality!
Red Cherry Computer Rentals continually invests in its laptop rental fleet which ensures its customers and partners have access to the very latest laptops and Notebooks for rent.

Customers also benefit from:
  • Testing and installation by accredited, trained and certified Technicians.
  • 100% certified Microsoft SPLA member.
  • Competitive low prices on short term Laptop hire & Notebook rental.
  • Same day delivery for Johannesburg laptop rentals and many South African Venues and locations, we can have your laptop rental delivered anywhere, anytime and fast!
  • Pre-loaded customer software to ensure you rented laptops work with your company’s network settings, software or applications.
  • As a Microsoft Partner we offer fully legal, certified pre-installation of Microsoft office and operating systems and software.
  • Technical telephone support and onsite maintenance on every rental with onsite support available 24/7.
  • Insurance from theft and damage.
  • The Most affordable Laptop Rental rates guaranteed!
Contact Us now for the most affordable and reliable Laptop Rentals!

Why Rent Laptops from Red Cherry computer Rentals?

Red Cherry Computer Rentals are the most affordable short term laptop rental provider in Gauteng and South Africa, so if your company needs to rent laptops then you have found the right laptop rental provider. We have great laptops for rent, however our service is what puts us on the map. No questions asked we will make sure your every request is met without question. Red Cherry Laptops is here to offer easy, professional and friendly customer service! You not only receive quality, reliable working equipment but reliable service too! When you hire a laptop from Red Cherry Computer rentals you are always given laptops that have been freshly installed, customized to your requirements, and up to date with the latest updates for windows, applications and antivirus. We freshly install and test each rental laptop to ensure it is working before we rent it to you! For the Best Quality, Service & Reliability in Johannesburg and South African Laptop rentals! Contact Red Cherry Computer Rentals Today!

Who hires laptops?

Companies who choose to hire a laptop from Red Cherry Computer Rentals include Conference and event organisers, Microsoft training companies, small to large corporate companies, universities, banks, AV companies, Computer rental Companies, accountancy firms, laptop hire is a popular choice for businesses who understand buying laptops isn't the best option for their needs. If your company needs laptop hire? Call Red Cherry Computer Rentals Today!

What are the advantages of laptop hire?

When you need to hire a laptop from Red Cherry Computer rentals, you receive the advantage of getting the best affordable short term rental price in Southern Africa. We have a lowest price Guaranteed! There are a range of benefits when renting laptops for your business. You get a new freshly installed laptop with the latest updates and software. We can also customize your laptop rental. You give us the requirements we give the exact specifications. Another advantage of renting laptops or notebooks from Red Cherry Computer rentals is that you get fully covered insurance against theft and accidental damage!

When you hire a laptop we can also load any programme you might require as well as personalising the installation to include your company software and logo.

Contact Red Cherry Computer Rentals now!

Why hire laptops with Red Cherry Computer Rentals?

Considering laptop hire? Red Cherry Computer Rentals have the best customized laptop rental solutions for your laptop rental needs. The Red Cherry Computer Rental Team is, professional, passionate, qualified and known across the computer rental industry for their competitive short term rental rates, quality equipment and second to none customer service. Short Term Laptop hire is easy and affordable with Red Cherry Computer Rentals! If you choose to rent a laptop with us today you will get insurance on damage and theft, loyalty discounts, pro rata customer agreements and a great affordable rental price, whether you hire a laptop for 1 day or 12 months. For the fastest, friendliest affordable laptop rental quotes call Red Cherry Computer Rentals today.

Does your business require a laptop for rent?

You will never go wrong with a Red Cherry laptop. We have classy, fast and light portable notebooks to rent. Laptops rentals are the best option for any company needing to rent technology on the go. Red Cherry Computer Rentals, ready to rent you a laptop today!

Laptop hire from Red Cherry Computer Rentals can be from one day or for as long as 12 months. Do you have a large laptop rental request or order? This is not a hassle. Red Cherry Computer Rentals have a large stock of laptops and notebooks and supply orders of 1 to a 1000 items. Red Cherry Computer Rentals can deliver and hire laptops to all regions of South Africa, including Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and can even have your laptop rental delivered and set up right to your specific venue, be it the Sandton Convention Centre, the Durban international conference centre or Cape Town international convention centre.

Why rent a Laptop?
  • Laptop Rentals are a convenient and cost effective way to deal with short term IT equipment rental requirements. For the Office, Training, Conferences, Presentations, Exhibitions, events you name it we rent it.
  • Laptop rentals are more affordable than having to pay large amounts for the top of the line laptops for rent. This is the saving you get from Red cherry Laptop Rentals. You can rent the latest laptop models with state-of-the art specifications to suit your exact laptop rental needs at an incredible affordable rate.
  • Upgrades are not your concern when you hire a laptop from Red Cherry Laptop Rentals. Technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate. By renting laptops from Red Cherry Laptop Rentals, you continue to stay ahead with the latest laptop models, without having to invest your whole budget in buying technology that will quickly become outdated.
  • When you usually would experience stress and helplessness when your laptop breaks or malfunctions? Red Cherry Computer Rentals will take that all away we are always there to save the day! That’s another advantage of laptop rentals with Red Cherry Laptop Rentals. All technical repairs and support are covered 24/7, no questions asked we won’t let you down, letting you focus on your work and not worry about unnecessary happenings that might or might not occur. We are specialist and have exceptional experience in the industry.
  • The Best Price in short term Laptop Rentals and you pay less the longer you rent! If you need to rent a laptop for a brief period of time, we have short term rental rates that are competitive. If you require your laptop rental for longer. You can extended at anytime or ask us to come collect when you are done! The beauty of renting laptops is you can decide what you need for when and for how long you’re going to need to rent it for.
  • Laptop rental is a wise decision in today’s fast pace and expensive world. Getting the best quality at the best price makes the most sense, so think Red Cherry Computer Rentals.
Contact Red Cherry Computer Rentals today.

All Rental laptops from Red Cherry Computer Rentals come with any operating system you may require: Windows XP/Windows 7 or Windows 8 and can even be delivered with personal company installations or software pre installed, screen savers and wall papers. If you require customized laptop rentals enquire from our sales team today, at no extra cost to you!! All our laptops for rent are compatible and come loaded with anti-virus software and can be loaded with a range of programmes and applications for your specific laptop rental requirements.

Laptop Rental that is affordable on your budget!

You may need a laptop for rent for a temporary office, for an event a training course or your conference. Laptops rentals are the best choice for allot of industries and companies who need short term laptop rental solutions without the burden of buying and maintaining or replacing. It's not just laptop Rentals, renting laptops allows one to save on time, to save on installation time, to have the latest available technology, full support, swop out and technical assistance and the ease of knowing that your IT and Laptops are fully working and to your exact requirements, this will ensure your success at rates that leave you impressed!

Rent a laptop From Red Cherry Computer Rentals!

Avoid the disappointment and failure of using a computer rental company with out of date technology and non certified illegal software. As a Microsoft Partner we offer fully legal, certified pre-installation of Microsoft office and operating systems and software with SPLA Microsoft Licensing.

Red Cherry Computer Rentals only have the latest laptops for rent and replace them frequently each year, investing in up to date laptop technology. Ensuring when you rent a laptop from Red Cherry Computer Rentals, it will always perform the task required. It is amazing how progress in technology gets faster by the year but you won't be left in the stone-age. Red Cherry's laptops for rent are one step ahead of the rest and capable of meeting the hardware needs and specifications of the most complex and sophisticated software requirements we see in the world today!

For all your laptop and notebook Rental needs, call Red Cherry Computer Rentals today.

Red Cherry Computer Rentals are Johannesburg's reliable, affordable and trusted I.T rental company we specialize in short term Computer Rental, IT Hire, Laptop Rental, Laptop Hire, Display/monitor Rental, PC Rental, LCD/Monitor Rental, Projector Rental, Printer rental and more.......

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